Application Popup Error Event 56?

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Application Popup Error Event 56?

Standartinė Donnieclark » 2017-11-04, 16:46

I started up my computer today, and the boot-up seemingly had no problems. Once I got to the Windows log in screen however, my keyboard and mouse were unresponsive so I restarted it. Once the restart happened I got the "Launch Startup Repair or Start Windows normally" prompt and naturally this got me worried. I viewed the event logs for my computer and found an Error called "Application Popup - Event ID: 56". What does this mean? I copied the event for reference but the date isn't consistent to when the problem had happened; meaning this had happened yesterday, but I still think this might be the main cause of the problem.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... -event-56/

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